Sabine Classen

It was a delight to meet and watch Sabine Classen at Aberystwith this year. She has a lovely sense of humour and is quite modest about her work. The sheer scale of her work is breathtaking. Each piece is carefully thought through, many of them using the basis of the trefoil knot.

'In my work, the spatial trefoil knot forms a fundamental basis. I vary it freely. By imagining the curve of the trefoil knot in space I create this shape out of wire; this gives the contours of my sculpture, which I then fill with convex and concave surfaces, until the new shape arises.
I do all this in clay – clay is actually the material that takes in every impulse, as well as reproducing every inner idea as external reality. And, like a child, I still love to play with clay in my hands.'