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It's been a while!

Since my last post I have now graduated as a fully fledged MA Ceramicist! Yay! It was a really great experience and I have met some wonderful people along the way. The MA Show at Uclan was a proud moment as most of my family came to the opening evening and I had some really positive comments about my work.

Standing proud at the opening night of the MA Show

It has taken me until recently to venture into my own studio at home. The routine and consistency of the MA gave me a flow to my timetable and I was much more productive. Once the course was over there was no direction. However, a nudge from Michaela and the application form for Earth and Fire got me inspired again.

I was so surprised and extremely excited to be offered a place at Earth and Fire in June - I shall be sharing a stand with Michaela which will be great fun and it will be so good to share the time with some fellow students past and present.

Now to get on with making...

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