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The Voyage (not journey) so far...

My forms so far have literally 'gone with the flow' so to speak. In my mind (but not in my sketchbook!)

I have followed the watercourse from the top of mountains, through gullies, over rocks, down to the valley bottoms and out to sea.

Finding rocks and pebbles on the beach with patterns of strata and layers of sediment hidden within are a complete addiction and any walks take me twice as long as I head off into the distance with my head down sweep searching the coast line for that one true gem. I return with pockets and hoods weighed down with the weight of my finds and I am eager to return back to base to sort through and grade memorising where and when I found them.

Below are findings from a trip to the Outer Hebrides.

These rocks were a bit too big for my pockets but I love the strata! Vatersy Beach, Outer Hebrides

'Through my research I have found that artists who create in a seemingly unpredictable manner, randomly shaping the clay and forging form, do so from having experience and knowledge. They have experimented, thought outside the box and learnt from their mistakes, finding a natural route for their energy and creativeness to flow. Knowledge is power and like the power of nature where it withstands the forces of the elements, ever changing and returning in some form, so, the beginner ceramicist can let go of the mooring lines, get out of her box and get creative.'

Taken from my Contextual Review Design Research 1DE4101

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