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Pebble Bowls - Vessels or Sculpture.

Following on from the Earth and Fire experience I felt a need to branch away from cubes, even if it was only for a temporary experiment. I realised that many of my ceramicist peers were making vessels as opposed to sculptures. My work is very sculpture based yet I wondered if I could combine the two whilst still keeping the strata theme throughout.

Beaches, shells and pebbles form a large part of my influence and inspiration. I decided to form pebble bowls which could be either sculptural or functional with the overall requirement being that they were tactile. I wanted the observer to feel a need to pick the bowl up, smooth it, hold it and ...take it home!

I was to use a mould to lay the clay on before gouging.

These pictures show the process of colouring the clay and layering and slicing the clay until the required strata thickness has been achieved. The clay below is porcelain which has been coloured with cobalt oxide and red iron oxide in layers. It has then been placed on a hump mould to Harden.

The bowl below is very pleasing to the eye. I like the thickness of the clay and the colours, black oxide, rutile and naked clay.

This is at greenware stage - it will now be fired to bisque and then refined again.

Bad News

Sadly, the clay was too thick or there was an air pocket - as the bowls cracked quite badly in the kiln :(

I couldn't rescue the bowl remains but I wanted to fire it to reveal the colour and strata. The result is below.

What a shame.

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