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From the Ashes of Disaster....

So much time spent on wedging, colouring, layering, forming, gouging... the result being crumbs!

Very disheartening to come and find all but one piece in, well, literally, pieces.

Don't panic Mr Mannering... you still have two weeks before the MA Show!

I have discovered Dave's grinding machine - please may I have one for Christmas?!

Some of the broken shards from the bowls had potential. Using the grinder, I smoothed the pieces working my way through the 5 gradients of diamond pad. The results were very pleasing and I love the actual process of removing the top fine layer of clay, again revealing the layers of strata whilst smoothing the surface.

The above piece was ground down and fired to 2080º before a final grinding and a polish. The piece really shows up the strata and the smooth eroded surface. I really like this process and what it does.

#wedging #colouring #cracking #explode #grinding #polish #smooth #strata

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