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Cultural Trip to Edinburgh

The Scottish Gallery

Moyra Stewart

Straight away I was totally drawn towards and excited by this work by Moyra Stewart. It totally connects with my vision and feelings for the natural environment. Although the pieces are fragile, they look robust and solid; very touchy feely.

Moyra Stewart explores the ways in which human beings embrace the external influences in their lives.

Using elements of the natural world as a metaphor for our growth and change, she reconciles the collision between our interior world and its external context through her responses to the way landscape is shaped by nature.

Nature does not conform to regular shapes or straight lines, its physical form is always affected by the forces in its environment.”

Patricia Stone

Patricia's work is informed by the powerful landscape around her on the Isle of Skye.

'I make mostly functional forms, boxes, bowls, jars, rather than direct representation of the landscape, because they are innately human vessels; they represent the human condition of surface and content. The natural textures produced by clay reflect the formation and erosion in the geology of the land. The techniques I use to make my pots encourage the development of these textures on the surface of a tight and formal vessel.'

Jennifer Hickey

'I am drawn to the beauty and subtlety of the natural world. Themes of fragility, ephemerality and translucency are central to my work. It is the rituals of making, the physical rhythms, the process and time involved that are very important aspects of my practice. To sense but not to recognise is a common thread throughout my work. The natural properties of my primary materials porcelain and bone china demand particular discipline and delicacy that are a necessary component of the finished pieces. Each piece is made from wafer thin parts that are hand sewn together to create larger sculptural forms.'

City Art Centre

Charles Poulson

'Lead and wood are my primary materials. The latest series of sculpture use sections of tree as a starting point. The lead is either used in sheet form round the tree section or cast into drill holes or deliberate splittings in the tree

I sometimes use lead on its own and cast direct into shapes pressed in the sand.'

Lizzie Farey

'I have a fascination with living things and natural form. For me, willow has become a medium for an interaction with nature that is deeply personal. Using willow, birch, heather, bog myrtle and many other locally grown woods, my work ranges form traditional to organic sculptural forms.'

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