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Karen Howarth Demonstration and workshop

I'd heard of mono printing but had never investigated it or questioned what the process was so, when Karen came to demonstrate, I was intrigued and very interested.

Basically it is building up layers of coloured slip onto leather hard clay without using a brush to put the slip directly onto the clay. The slip is built up by brushing or rolling it onto unprinted newspaper which is then pressed onto the clay. Colours marks and textures are built up to create the pattern or image.

Karen applies a black layer of slip as a base to work on. She likes to have a tool between herself and the surface i.e. the paper. It creates a bit of an unknown when the paper is peeled off. The method is process based and sometimes marks come across as a happy accident.

The pieces are bisque fired to 1000'C and then fired to 1100"C

We all had a turn at creating our own plaque which was great fun and opened my eyes to a very enjoyable and an alternative method of using clay.

A wash of oxide can be added after bisque which can be washed off without taking any of the slip off. The clay must be dried slowly and weighted down to keep it flat. The bisque piece can be rubbed over with a diamond pad to reveal the layers

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