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Stripes Galore!

I am working on two pieces which are just about hard enough to gouge. The are made of grogged porcelain and grogged black clay (red at the moment). The smaller one resembles a black forest gateaux!

I am finding that the grog in the black clay is dragging across the porcelain and the porcelain is crumbling a little. I will leave this piece to dry a little more so that I can wire wool the surface and hopefully reveal the layers.

Meanwhile, I decided that I needed another form to work on whilst waiting for clay to dry.

I divided grogged porcelain into 3x800g lumps and added 10% of colour stain (even before my test tiles are ready...I couldn't wait!) I also had a 500g lump of plain white grogged porcelain.

This was then rolled out and cut up so that it could be layered.

I totally loved this process. The more I divided, cut and added each layer, the colours became thinner.

The outcome is a pillar of coloured strata waiting to be gouged! Can't wait!

#stripes #blackclay #groggedporcelain #gouging

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