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Spittal Beach-Northumberland.

A trip to Spittal Beach has been on my bucket list for about a month! A window of opportunity came and so Chris, the dogs and myself headed north.

I was very excited to see the strata formations which I had seen in the photographs by Mike Prince.

The beach is quite small and at the edge of Berwick Upon Tweed, north of Bamburgh and Seahouses.

I wasn't disappointed with what we found. The curves, the thickness and narrowness of strata, the colours and the variety were wonderful. I couldn't stop looking down.

My pictures are just taken with my phone camera. I can see that if you had a zoom lens with all the attachments etc the images could be spectacular.

I loved seeing the loose pebbles scattered along the shoreline, their colours and textures matching those of the larger rocks embedded in the sand.

I took a random collection of stones (and a shell) as I walked along, just the ones which caught my eye. I didn't know what the pallet in my pocket would be until I emptied them back at the car.

I really like the tones of the collection especially the yellowy orange and deep red. (Much of the ploughed land around the area was of the deep red colour) - even more beautiful after the waves have washed over them.

The shell caught my eye as it too has a strata effect. It also is a bluey grey colour which is in the rock strata.

Happy dogs and a strata limpet shell.

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