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Wedging Strata

Since seeing the photograph by Ian Cameron of the rock formation, eroded by water and pebbles, I have had a burning desire to create my own strata rock complete with eroded holes and worn away edges.

Using basic recycled clay and a bag of terracotta I set about rolling slabs with the idea of layering them. This was quite physical and very enjoyable. Beating, squashing, slicing and reforming the layers until a block had been formed. This was then left to become leather hard. If I started to gouge the clay too soon, the layers would blend and blur into each other, so spoiling the strata effect.

I was quite pleased with the thinness of the layers and the interrupted 'wiggle' to the strata. The foreign bodies in the gray clay only added to the overall texture. Let gouging begin...

A very enjoyable process which was quite therapeutic. It was wonderful to reveal the layers and create spaces which led into one another. A little refining I think...

- wire wool, extraction, mask, brush and pointy fingers!

Once refined, ready for bisque firing.

At first I didn't really like the gaudiness of the colours of cream and orange clay after firing, however, on reflection, it's growing on me.

I now aim to try some different colours of clay to see the if the results are to my liking.

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