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Group Crit

A good gathering and great to actually hear what people are up to in more depth than a quick chat across the room. Hope folk don't mind but I just made a jotting of what stuck out in my mind.

What a diverse and interesting bunch we are :)

Kate - Political - found form, concentrating on decor

Sue - form and glazing - great test tiles

Sara - Celadon glazes and natural clay. Thinking BIG

Matthew - hands, ears...breasts!

Kate - capturing memories, nature, walk in a nest of guinea pig hay

Jane - wood ash glazes and slate - super test tiles

Pam - Scheggi - holes within holes

Michaela - surface pattern bringing cultures together, not losing tradition and meaning

Jason - thrown then carved industrial sculptures

Tash - surface imagery - wanting to tell a story/moral within - pollution etc. Superb images.

#GroupCrit #politics #plaques #glazetests #celadon #hands #ears #memories #nature #guineapigs #woodash #slate #Scheggi #holes #surfacepattern #cultures #industrial #moral #story #surfaceimagery

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