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This has been quite a turning point for me. Having made a good collection of tall gouged, organic sculptures, all different yet all of a theme, I wondered where I should go next.

I love the act of gouging randomly into a piece of leather hard clay, the tool taking my hand on it's own journey of discovery. There are no rules.

Whilst refining a piece, I was very focused on just one particular area. I wanted to get it as smooth as possible whilst keeping the flow of curves moving downwards.

From this I decided to take 4 or 5 pieces of clay, all of a similar size and make mini maquettes of a close up part of one of the bigger pieces. The results were much more clean lined and precise.

Again, I enjoyed the process of creating the holes and curves and attempting to get the surface as refined as possible.

I'm not sure if I would glaze these pieces or leave them bare.

I do like the simplicity of the pieces. They remind me more of the sandstone coves and caves on the coast where the water has eroded and smoothed its way over and through.

I do feel however that although organic in shape, much more time needs to spent on refining the curves. They are laid bare to the viewer and therefore need to be precise in their randomness.

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