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Raku Firing

The annual Raku firing was a great success. Made object which had been sat on shelves waiting for the right moment were taken down, dusted off and glazed in glorious gloop before being placed in the outdoor kiln.

Jason was the master of ceremonies (with safety officers Dave and Geoff on standby!)

Soon all was aglow. Kate's yummy Christmas cake was handed round and mugs of tea were a plenty.

After a while it was time to move the super hot creations into the sawdust.

Michaela and Kath were showing fine motor skills as they transferred the fired pots into the water and Jason was in his element as the God of Fire!

The results always surprise me and the changes that occur right before our eyes are amazing.

Having photographs is a good way to look back over the short journey of a piece.

And then, after a thorough scrub with a scourer...

I was extremely pleased with the piece above. The crackle on the outside has a lovely feel to it and the copper on the inside is a serendipity of shinyness! Using a wax resist to separate the two glazes works well too.

More Raku please!

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