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Colouring Clay

OK, this is a whole new territory for me, which, if Im organised, could go well! Having asked my peers and Geoff about colouring clay I set off armed with sieves, pestle and mortar, dried clay, scales, pots etc.

I divided the clay powder into pots of 100g each

Into each pot (12 in all) I added 1g, 3g, 5g, 7g, 9g and 11g's of either blue underglaze or yellow underglaze powder.

Add a little water and sieve. Sounds simple but...it takes ages and is quite fiddly. It must be sieved in order to get an even spread of the colour.

Now to dry the clay on a bat and colour code the individual lumps.

Now to await the bisque firing.

My thoughts on this process are that it is methodical and one feels in control. However, even before I see what the bisque results are, if I am going to create large sculptures of strata like clay, it will take an awful lot of clay, time and energy. If I think of time spent: fee charged, my pieces would be far too expensive for what they are.

Therefore I will look upon this experiment as a positive thing and a step along the ladder of learning.

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