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Back to School

I was asked to do some supply cover at my old school in Windermere. I returned to my original classroom where I had taught year 4 for a good few years - the above picture is the view from the classroom, overlooking Lake Windermere and the Langdale Pikes - lucky kids!

The children were part way through a project on The Greeks which provided a great opportunity to introduce clay to the class and link it with Greek pottery. I was going to use Terracotta clay for authenticity but not knowing how messy we were allowed to get and if aprons etc were available, I decided to play it safe with normal grey clay. The children were very excited and listened well to instructions. I was able to demonstrate wedging, rolling pinch potting and coiling as well as making solid joins.

The children's work is now at my house drying out before it can go in the kiln. I shall return to school in a couple of weeks when the pots can be painted.

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