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From Developing Glazes by Greg Daly

I bought this book by Greg Daly at the Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth. To me, it looks straight forward with recipes and pictures shown side by side. I have been reluctant to venture into the glaze room as I felt overwhelmed, unprepared and out of my depth. It is so good to ask advice from peers and from Geoff ( who always brings his 'bible' out of the cupboard to confirm his advice!), however, I struggle with confidence and organisational skills.

After a few stern words to myself and whilst the glaze room was empty, I decided to give it a go.

Because my work is organic and stems from the landscape, I have automatically been looking for matching colours and glazes to blend in within that area. (usually culminating in a sh***y brown colour as Celia would say!)

I chose the above Iron Oxide glaze as a) it fired to 1280 and b) it looked earthy, lichen like and mottled - like a rock might look.

The recipe was the same throughout but I added different amounts of red iron oxide to note how the blend worked.

Top Left + 4g Fe

Top Right +8g Fe

Bottom Left + 15g Fe

Bottom Right +20g Fe

I was fairly pleased with the results as the two middle tiles came out very close to how the picture looked.

At the moment I am thinking about the +15 Fe tile and a Dolomite Rutile

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