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Hare's Fur/Oil Spot

I have been looking at glazes on the computer and through books (as you do!).

I find that I like the glazes that run and appear to have texture with a variety of colours. A glaze which keeps popping up on my 'test' to do list are those called Hare's Fur or Oil Spot.

it reminds me of a glaze I used years ago with the potter Bob Park in Penrith. I didn't really ask what was in the glaze at the time, I just used it. If only I'd thought ahead.

Any experts out there? Can you let me know what's in these glazes?

Below are some images I've found of the Hare's Fur with different oxides added.

I have bought some raw materials so that I can experiment with glazes at home. I have made up a small batch of the Hare's Fur called Hamada Rust. It fires to cone 10 and has red iron oxide added to it. Watch this space...

#HARESFUR #OilSpot #HamadaRust

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