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Leaning Towers of Uclan!

New shelves in the corridor have meant that we can store our current work out of the way of the glaze room and in a safe place. I took over the top shelf as my work is quite tall and, hopefully, getting taller. This image shows the result of using Terracotta, Ashraff Hanna,, Toasted Biscuit and Ashraff Hanna again.

I am in two minds about whether to glaze the pieces as I like the detail and shadows on the bare clay. One way to find out is to actually glaze them!

When looking at glaze recipes, I am tending to lean towards natural, earthy colours to match the environment in which the rock like forms would be found. However, this may be a bit boring and predictable - who knows, I might try a bright purple colour to match the heather!

Whilst looking at Developing Glazes by Greg Daly I came across the oxide glaze below. I like the speckled effect and the contrast between the colours. it reminds me a bit of lichen forming on the rock face. Amazingly, I explained to Sue what I was thinking of doing and she said ,'Oh, here's one I made earlier!' She had chosen the exact same glaze to test and showed me the results. She was a tad disappointed with her test - so it remains for mine to be put through the kiln and see what the outcome is?

I have glazed 4 test tiles to the above recipe using 1% for 1g.

Tile 1 + 4g Iron Oxide

Tile 2 + 8 g Iron Oxide

Tile 3 + 15g Iron Oxide

Tile 4 + 20g Iron Oxide

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