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Sussing out the controls

Not having used my kiln for 10 + years, I had quite forgotten how to set it up. A test batch of glazed pots resulted in over firing for too long and a warm glow about the garage! After some head scratching and a look back at my old notes I realised I was mixing up my steps and my levels.

The pictures below show how I finally set it up.

Step 1 was to fire at 100 degrees up to 600 degrees over 6 hours.

Step 2 was to continue firing at 200 degrees per hour until it reached 1196 degrees and then finishing with a 15 minute soak.

The glazes I used were two ready mixed ones that I bought at Aberystwith. On the picture, which caught my eye, the blues had swirled with the firebrick red to create a lovely warm rich effect. I really wanted to try my hand at recreating this. At home I found that the nature of the glaze containers meant that brushing the glaze on was the easiest option. I was disappointed with the results. I had made some tiny button shapes and was able to dip these into the pots. The result was much more pleasing. The warm red reminded me of winter fires and cosy evenings with the family. Unfortunately I gave away the buttons to my neighbour for her birthday so no pictures but I shall glaze more using the dipping method.

Below are a few pictures of the glaze brushed on.

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