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Catch up with Dave

It was good to have a meet up with Dave who talked me through my assessment marks and pointed out where I need to make improvements. A large part of my my lower marks were due to my rather weak Reflective Journal - this!

I have never been one to think deeply, reflect on how I feel or to share my thoughts out loud so it's quite a new thing. I assume people know because it's in my head!

Another area I need to think about is how I react to other artists, be it ceramicists, musicians, painters etc and which ones influence me in some way. It's no good me just saying 'because I like it', it's more of a why and where their work takes me in my mind and in my own work.

Regarding my actual practical work, Dave seemed to quite like it! A bit of a relief!

We talked about working BIG and perhaps using his larger kiln. Using white cranky clay and having a go at using porcelain as a contrast.

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