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The International Ceramics Festival - Aberystwyth.

What a fabulous weekend full of fun, furnaces, friends and forms!

Sharing a flat with 8 others reminded some of us of student days and the closeness to the actual show itself was perfect. The weather held out and there was lots to see.

The highlight for me was listening to Sabine Classen and watching her as she guided us through her methods of creating her forms. Full audience participation involving a couple of strips of paper to create a trefoil knot which forms the basis of much of her work.

Sabine had built a huge 'knot' which was raku fired on the Saturday night - very exciting and it showed a coming together of like minded enthusiasts of the ceramic world.

Another highlight was a huge clay embankment built by Alexandra Engelfriet using clay and sand from the local coastline of Aberystwyth. Engelfriet moulded and moved the clay with her body before building a huge kiln over the top. Dave played a major part in the building of the kiln which also enabled him to gain entry into the show - he's obviously been there before! The fire was lit and burnt long into the night. Now the results didn't exactly make me think 'wow' but knowing the work that had gone into building it did. There were areas where elements within the clay had turned green and runny (perhaps the jellyfish scooped up from the beach!) and Dave was delighted to find paw prints from his dog - the woof artist!

Elsewhere in the show there were interviews with past contestants from the Great Pottery Throw Down including Matthew, Geoff's son. Lanty spoke about his time at the Archie Bray Residency in Montana and was able to share this with the new winner of the Potclays Emerging Artist Award Emily Waugh. The most secretive and well kept... well...secret was the announcement of The International Ceramics Studio Kecskemét, Residency Award 2017 which went to.......Rob Parr! Yay!

Besides all the potty ceramics going on, it was fantastic to spend time with lovely people from all areas of life and to enjoy each others company. (Huge apologies for the last time for keeping you all awake with raucous singing into the early hours! )

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