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Mountain and Coastal Formation

Moving away from 'The Lake District' landscape, my ideas, thoughts and hands are veering towards a mix of inland and coastal rock formations.

Looking back at my literature review has reminded me that my interest in how the earth is formed is not a new awakening but it has been there all the time. I have used the Lake District as it is on my doorstep and, is naturally beautiful. However, there is a great big world out there where many natural formations occur and these are helping me to inform my work.

'It is these ‘processes’ and the changes that they make to the natural environment I feel communicate most strongly to the observer. Nature, by its own …nature, is unpredictable. The earth is open to whatever is thrown at it and the results, though sometimes tragic, can be inspiring. Perhaps being unpredictable in sculpture, like nature, has the same effect.'

(my own quote from Literature review)

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