• Katie

Thinking of Form

Since my assessment I have been working on various pieces at home and in the studio at VB. Having gone down the line of using just the Lakeland mountains as my inspiration with particular reference to the gullies and crags, my mind, and hands are taking me further. I have found that I enjoy the fluidity of carving and gouging (I said in my assessment that I don't like straight lines, but not why!) My mind is taking me down the route of how water might erode the rocks over years and that different rock types would react in a variety of ways.

I am thoroughly enjoying the process of creating work that has the boundaries of how much clay I have to work with and the fact that I am thinking 'tall', yet the process and what the piece turns out like is totally unknown, random and evolving.

#fluidity #water #erosion #tall #form #height #illusion

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