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Facing my kiln phobia

I acquired a kiln 10 years ago and have only fired it a couple of times before a move north and full time work took over. I have been putting off using it again as a) I wonder what will happen if it blows the house up/starts a fire and b) I can't remember how to use it!

I knew the time was coming when I would have to face my procrastination/scarediness in order to move on with my ceramics journey.

I came to place some pieces in it and found that there were some bits already in from when Evie and Lucy had been creative - ten years ago!! they would have been 12 and 8! (tempus fugit!)

Anyway, after a google and a search I found a very useful (hopefully) PDF from PotClays with information and a chart.

So, fingers crossed... 9 hours to go!

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