• Katie

Ceramic Raw Material Blends

The clip above demonstrates a triaxial blend. This is a technique which we will be doing following the line blend.

Main points of interest taken from results -

I liked Matthew's reduction fired 80% Nepheline Syenite with 20% Dolomite.

Kate's Whiting with Nepheline on terracotta in reduction 50%/50%.

Michaela's 80% Bicarbonate of Soda with 20% Ball Clay in reduction.

I learnt that a small amount of Barium added to Copper brings out the turquoise colour.

Following the line blend discussion we took turns to present our projects to date to our peers. There are some great ideas floating about and people are really getting involved with their chosen paths.

I did feel guilty as I needed to leave before the session was over - I will catch up with what went on next week.

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