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Line Blend with Flint and Wood Ash

I do believe it's Star Wars Day!

Here are the results of my line blend using wood ash and flint. A variety of results.

The 100% flint (far left) turned pure white and bonded well to the bisque clay. I was pleasantly surprised with the 100% wood ash (far right) as in my head I thought it would have disappeared. I am pleased with the shine on the 80% wood ash/ 20% flint (2nd on the right) and the 60/40 blend next to it has come out a good orange colour. The remaining 3 glazes are brittle and have not bonded.

A chat with Dave has led to me planning a triaxel blend incorporating china clay with the 60/40 wood ash/ flint glaze to discover what happens.

I am getting mixed up with the words frit and flux.... off to find out.

Frit - the mixture of silica and fluxes which is fused at high temperature to make glass.

Flux - In clay bodies a flux creates a limited and controlled amount of glass, which works to cement crystalline components together. Fluxes play a key role in the vitrification of clay bodies by reducing the overall melting point.

Hmmm - as a practical hands on kind of learner, I'll do a test and review the results!

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