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A Spot of Research...

A long weekend in Coniston took myself, Chris, Mollie (black lab 5) and Fudge ( wonder dog 14) up towards Goats Water and Dow Crag. My last visit here was in 1989 when I went with the legend rock climber Tony Greenbank to scale the front buttress. I remember there was ice on the ledges.

I have found that since I have decided on my theme, the mountains, I can't just walk up a fell, I have to capture any crevices, crags and gullies on my camera. Now then, I can hear Anna and Wendy whispering in my ear...'where's your sketch book?'...well of course, I didn't have it with me. And, having looked at my photos, they are so 2D. Make note to self to carry sketch book and pen at all times.

I came across this amazing rock by Goats Water which had eroded naturally and was the only one in the area...will ask Kate S for a scientific breakdown.

Following the walk we took a trip to Tilberthwaite and I was absolutely delighted to find the sheepfold created by Andy Goldsworthy ' Touchstone'

I have admired his work for many years (as mentioned in my Contextual Review) and I remember Kate S mentioning this particular instalment as she is interested in 'enclosures'.

(note the cool dude in the shorts looking 'cool'!!)

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