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As I was going to St Ives....

And they're off!

Chris (my hubby) and Roly (Jo's hubby) had set off on their LEJOG trip - Jo and I jumped in the van to the next rendez vous point in order to set up camp with refreshments and carbs to keep them going.

We hoped to make a quick detour to the galleries of St Ives, The Leach Pottery, Tate St Ives, and St Ives Ceramics. Hmm - quite a lot in the time we had between bike stops.

We got so excited when we drove into the Leach Gallery car park ( I kept thinking of fellow student Jane) and what a whistle stop tour we had!

Jo is an art teacher and we were both fascinated in the history and development we saw before us.

The clay mixer below came from an old bakery

The glaze blunger mixed the solid materials used for glazes to a smooth consistency.

The ball mill ground solid materials to a fine powder.

The pug mill removed air bubbles from reconstituted clay and gave it an even texture.

I especially loved the spoon/ladle made from a shell.

Sadly, in the time we had, there wasn't any left to visit the other galleries.

A trip I'm definately putting in the diary.

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