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Today I had the chance to chat with Dave, Anna and Wendy, all at the same time, to talk about the direction of my work.

I have spent time coiling sphere's to act as a blank canvas for gouging gorges. Although I like the shape and can imagine making more, there is a need to experiment further and I feel going off in a different direction would be good. I had made a cairn type form and was gouging into that - Anna pointed out that the shape represented the connection with the fells - I hadn't thought of that but liked the idea. Wendy liked the 'silhouette' maquettes. It was suggested that I should perhaps go back to a mix of cairn/silhouette/pinching trials.

I now plan to experiment with the idea of building the mountain features out of the form, making the mountains the form itself instead of 'drawing' the features onto the form. (does that make sense?!)

This will lend itself to all sorts of possibilities and I am excited as to what will evolve.

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