• Katie

From the Core to the Tops.

For the second sphere, I planned to pinch the clay down the outside of the form as a suggestion of mountain ridges. A chat with Dave about narrative and being too literal gave way to my general abandonment of the normal. I could have my 'mountains' going downwards even though when viewed in real life they are horizontal. Zoom out to space and looking at the earth, they will look both horizontal, vertical and diagonal! It's my story, my artwork, my hidden narrative.

Upon pinching out two mountain ranges I realised that getting my fingers deep enough to pinch enough clay without leaving huge craters where my fingers had been....hmm huge craters...more gouging...now I like the sound of that!

I now veered towards the idea of under the ground, on the ground and above the ground. Advice from Wendy was to form the underground marks first and work outwards to surface texture and then to the 'sticky out bits'.

Very therapeutic


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