• Katie

Gouging Gorges

Having coiled a sphere with thick walls, I couldn't wait to start gouging. From sketching waterfalls and gorges whilst in Wasdale I planned to use the surface of the sphere to act as a fell side/blank piece of paper, to re create a suggestion of the geological features. At first I just scored a jagged line and 'dug it out' Wendy, who is 'chief gouger'! suggested making more of the indents. With her help she showed me how to 'erode' the rivers and add layers. I was able to show perspective within the gorges to give the idea of one side of the gorge being behind the other. A technique stolen from Nigel Evans was to roll a thin sausage of clay and then blend one side of it into the clay surface, leaving the exposed side to give the illusion of a layer.

I love this process and dream about it at night! (strange!?)

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