• Katie

Raku Excitement

Venturing into the unknown...Pots at the ready, glazed in varying thicknesses,assembled into the homemade kiln outside. Kate ready with the blowtorch, Christmas cake and mulled wine...

The anticipation and waiting made the whole event all the more exciting.

After an hour or so, Dave and Geoff donned big gloves and lifted the lid. Dave had noticed that my pot was glazed particularly thickly - to gain a good coppery finish he put the pot straight away into the sawdust and it quickly caught fire.

More sawdust was added and more pots. Those that had been left to cool slightly were then added to the fire bin. Eventually, the pots were lifted and gently placed in cold water. At first they looked dull and scorched, however, after a scrub with wire wool and another dip in the water, the raku effect shone through. Thoroughly satisfying.

#Raku #copper #Christmas


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