The Stratford Gallery

By chance I walked into The Stratford Gallery on it's opening day and was greeted at the door by a glass of champagne! The smell of fresh paint giving clues as to how recently the 'open' sign had been turned.

The owners, Howard and Emma Clegg were very welcoming and had on show some wonderful work. Emma is herself a ceramists and produces delicate light porcelain vessels with flowers and leaves decorating the outside.

Other artists on show

Peter Wills

' shows great attention to detail, balanced form/decoration and passion - all of which he believes are crucial'

Margaret Curtis

Margaret likes to use black clay and adorns her vessels with thick, muted and cracked slips and glazes.

Eddie Curtis

'makes stunning forms that look earth born yet of human influence.'

I like Eddie's work

James Hake - takes inspiration from Oriental ceramics and has developed a palette of his own glazes.

Stephen Parry, Mizuyo Yamashita, Tim Lake.

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