Minimalist v Maximalist

Stand and Deliver

The brief is to :

Research, gather and present visual reference material relating to chosen subject.

Produce 2 pieces each involving a stand/plinth and a container/vessel.

My inspiration for both pieces has come from the mighty oak tree and it's fruit - the acorn. When out and about I have enjoyed the changing colours of Autumn and observing how the seeds and fruit of trees disperse and spread to give them the best chance of regeneration.

The colours of the beech trees below are fantastic. Each leaf on its own is beautiful but altogether they make an awesome display of warmth, delicacy and light; like la tapestry of lace hanging in the air.

For my Maximal piece I have chosen to depict the business ( or is it busy - ness?) of the woodland floor at this time of year. My 'vessel' has come from the idea of focusing on one particular part of the leaf strewn area as if looking through a magnifying glass. The acorn cups are obviously not a functional vessel but highlight that they are an important part of the acorns growth, dispersal and survival; protecting it as it grows. I particularly like the fact that acorns are usually seen in groups of 3 - an odd number, a bit like myself!

I intend to decorate my 'Forest Floor' in sumptuous rich autumnal colours of green, brown and a honey yellow. It reminds me of a piece from the Victorian era and the colours I have in mind are similar to a huge ceramic peacock which took centre stage of the ........ Gallery in Stoke on Trent.

My Minimal piece is basically an acorn!

I made 2 pinch pots and added coiled clay to give it an oval shape. As it dried I burnished it with a pebble from Silecroft beach; the west coast of Cumbria. I thought long and hard about cutting a hole in it to form a vessel, procrastinating as I didn't really want to. After consultation with David and Anna it was decided that it wasn't necessary - phew! I actually love this form - it is so simple and the texture on the outside is 'nutty'. I had a couple of ideas for a 'stand' but when it came to building on my ideas, I didn't like them. They were too bulky and took away the simplicity of the 'acorn'. In the end I opted for a small domed stand - similar in shape to my maximalist piece. The piercings on the side were an afterthought. ( I thought both pieces had to be different in some way?). I prefer it without the pattern and indeed, without a stand.

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