The Scottish Gallery - Edinburgh

A weekend in Edinburgh had been planned for a few weeks and a Google of 'what's on' brought up a gaggle of opportunities.

After firstly purchasing tickets to see the legendary Showaddywaddy! I looked up who was showing their work at The Scottish Gallery.

Adam Buick - Inclusions

I really like Adams work. The simplicity and uniformity of his jars keeping the theme and yet each one tells a story. His Journey Jar was a particular favourite. Made from coloured stoneware with a porcelain path inclusion.

William Plumptre

What a surprise! I wandered over to a lone piece of work on a stand in front of a window and ... on closer inspection... I saw that it was by the ceramicist William Plumptre. I have spent a couple of evenings with William as he lives nearby and we share other friendships.

Elsewhere in the gallery, I was drawn to some amazing glass art

Yoshiko Okada

Kiln cast glass with sandblasted image by Yoshiko Okada

Colin Reid

Ring of Aqua by Colin Reid. Cast optical glass.

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