First Project...

Man-Made and Nature - sources of inspiration!

Conkers! My ears missed the words man-made and locked on to 'natural'. In the weeks before the course started, I had conkers on my mind... 'I've got to build a conker before I leave in two years'...

Felt so relieved that I'd got the conker out of my system (it now looks a little more shrivelled and various comments have been made as to what it reminds people of !?!)

Back to the project ...

Man-made... whats the first word that comes into your mind Katie?


They're strong and used in all kinds of building designs.

Natural... rocks, strata, layers.

Spent my 50th birthday in the Langdales and studies the rocks, close up and from far away.

In the studio I layered terracotta and stoneware together and began to cut, slice, gouge, twist and move the clay.

Meet 'Wilson' (the ball from the film Castaway)

Luckily he didn't crack or explode in the kiln even though I'd used different clays together.

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