Moyra Stewart

Moyra Stewart explores the ways in which human beings embrace the external influences in their lives.

Using elements of the natural world as a metaphor for our growth and change, she reconciles the collision between our interior world and its external context through her responses to the way landscape is shaped by nature.

“Nature does not conform to regular shapes or straight lines, its physical form is always affected by the forces in its environment.” 

In my recent work I have been concentrating on developing patterns like those found in Lewiston gneiss. Lewisian Gneiss is the oldest rock on our planet formed some 5 million years ago. It is found on the north west coast and islands of Lewis and Harris on Scotland. When you look at the folds and lines within the rock you get a clear sense of the strength of those forces, that the strata are not just a surface decoration but the history that marks and makes the rock is there all the way through. I want to make the surface of my vessels seem as though they are like the rock and that the pattern is not just on the surface. 

The process of Naked Raku is temperamental like nature; control and skill alone will not guarantee a successful result. With patience, diligence and attention, some work will make it through the fire unscathed and transformed into objects that seem almost to have sprung effortlessly into life.

Moyra lives and works in Northeast Fife and exhibits in Scotland and the UK, with work being shown in HongKong and U.S.A.